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Core Process Psychotherapy
PQMA Course in Core Process Psychotherapy
Post Qualification
MA Programme
Post Graduate Diploma
in Mindfulness Based
Core Process Psychotherapy

PQMA Programme: Entry Criteria:
Post-Qualification MA in Mindfulness Based Psychotherapeutic Practice:

Criteria for Entry : a celebration of diversity

We accept students from a wide range of different backgrounds, both academic and non-academic, and from all spiritual and therapeutic traditions. One of the hallmarks of our courses is a stimulating diversity which makes up the learning community of each course group. We particularly welcome students from all kinds of minority groups. We are happy to support students working with dyslexia and also with disabilities.

Admission onto our training is by personal interview. Each candidate can submit a unique individual portfolio to demonstrate a range of competencies and relevant experience and training. They also need to show that they have the desire and ability to learn, further and deepend their current levels of competencies throughout the period of training.

We recognize that successful applicants will present diverse sets of skills and competencies, and we are not looking for a standardized application - each application is considered individually.

Tutors provide individual support where possible to encourage students to meet those aspects of the training which are particularly challenging for them.

Competencies can be demonstrated and evidenced in a range of ways, including:

  • Documented Approved Prior Learning ("APL") and Approved Prior Experiential Learning ("APEL")
  • An undergraduate honours degree and/or in-service qualifications in an appropriate related discipline
  • Documented, relevant and substantial experience of working at an appropriate depth, either therapeutically, psychologically, physically or spiritually with contracted clients
  • In-depth discussion during the personal interview

Potential applicants must demonstrate they have the capacity and the mental, physical and spiritual stamina to complete all the requirements of the training, including the written and clinical work and the requirement to be involved in professional supervision, group enquiry and personal psychotherapy.

Candidates should have the financial resources available to meet all the costs of the training, including payment for psychotherapy, supervision, travel and books, in addition to the stated course fees.

Psychotherapeutic and professional competencies include:
The ability to work reflectively and contemplatively, within a spiritual understanding of self, other and relationship.

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