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Elemental Energies Retreat at Karuna

Embodiment of Mind - Tibetan Transformational Meditation:


Friday 10 - Sunday 12 June 2016

Cost for the Retreat:
£150 plus DANA

Cost for Karuna Students:
£130 plus DANA

Cost for the Retired : £90 plus DANA

To join the retreat please write or email detailing together with payment:
Contact: office@karuna-institute.co.uk
Telephone/fax:+44(0)1647 221457

Teacher : Maura Sills and Co-Teacher : Cheryl Allen

Please note: The above cost only covers the residential and administration costs, therefore, DANA for the Teacher is welcomed.

Embodiment of Mind - Tibetan Transformational Meditation

The weekend will be an opportunity to deepen into these practices drawn from the Nyingma Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism and the Relational Mindfulness as developed at the Karuna Institute which offers MA studies in Budhhist informed Psychotherapy and Craniosacral Biodynamic Training



Guidelines for Dana – excerpts from Gaia House, Newton Abbot

Dana means "generosity" and "giving" in Pali, the language in which the Buddha's teachings were originally recorded. The Buddha regularly emphasized in his teaching the value of generosity and sharing what we have with others, as an essential practice of cultivating happiness and wellbeing.


Dana is a foundation principle underlying the running of Retreats, and also at other Insight Meditation centres and Buddhist monasteries, around the world. This follows a two and a half thousand year-old tradition in the transmission of the dharma.

In order to make this opportunity to practice as accessible as possible, the Karuna Institute seeks to keep costs to a minimum. The charge you paid to attend this retreat covers only the ongoing costs of running the centre, including: food; heating; electricity; water; administration etc. The teachers serve and support your retreat out of kindness and generosity: they are not paid for the work they do.

As your time here comes to an end, you have the opportunity to support the teachers who have supported your retreat.

The Buddha encouraged dana and generosity, in recognition of our interdependence, and as a wholesome practice which helps release the heart and mind from greed and negativity. In receiving with gratitude, and giving with generosity, we become more fully conscious participants in the interconnected web of life that supports us all.

Take it as a practice: there is no expected "right amount", so please listen to your heart and give what you are moved to offer, while also respecting your practical circumstances. Please give generously: your dana ensures the continued transmission of the dharma teachings, and their accessibility to all who wish to receive them. The Directors and Teachers at the Karuna Institute deeply appreciate and thank you for your kindness and generosity.

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