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The never ending upwards spiral
The never ending upwards spiral

The never ending upwards spiral

A mindful/relational approach to emotional/trauma activations

A Wellspring Workshop
Core Process Psychotherapy Skills Development Days
When the negative past floods into present time
How to cope with and work with ‘Trauma Activation’

Staff: John MacFadyen, Core Process Psychotherapist and member of the teaching team at Karuna Institute, Devon

Location: Wellspring, 13 Smith’s Place, Edinburgh

Dates: June 16, 9:30 to 5:00

Cost: £60

For enquiries please contact: Wellspring mail@wellspring-scotland.co.uk
0131-553-6660 or John MacFadyen: johnmacf@morham.org 07788976022

Course Description:

Powerful energetic and emotional activations are often extremely disturbing and overwhelming. Almost always the experience of being flooded with high levels of anxiety and distress leads to a sense of fusion with negative emotions and inescapable accompanying feeling tones and thought formations. In this workshop you will be introduced to an approach to establishing sensitive, enabling and transformative relational contact with these disturbing activations and learn to work with the significance they hold. The workshop will include experimental learning and theoretical explorations. The workshops are open to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of how mindfulness in relationship can be drawn upon as a profound basis for self development, enquiry into the dynamics of personal/professional relationships, and how this learning can be applied in counselling, psychotherapy and other helping roles within the workplace or community life. It may also be useful for anyone considering applying for one of Karuna Institute’s professional trainings. No affiliation to Buddhism is required.

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