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Healing Early Trauma and Shock
William Emerson Workshop
William Emerson workshop at Karuna

William Emerson Workshop:

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Course Description:

Human Beings are designed to be relational with each other and with themselves, with their own embodied Spirit and Soul. Without this inner connection, deep intimacy with oneself is challenging, and with others is unsustainable and nearly impossible.

In this workshop, Dr. Emerson supports participants to connect deeply with their own spirituality and soulology, as a basis for intimacy with others.

Participants are led in egressions (spirit-based regressions) to the pre and perinatal stages that block intimacy, and are also led through spirit- and soul-finding exercises.

Participants become less blocked and more intimate with themselves and with others. Intimacy is a life-long process. We are given decades to live because we need time to find the walkway of healing and the pathway of love for self and others.

William R Emerson Ph.D:

For four decades, Dr. Emerson has educated psychologists, psychiatrists, somatic practitioners, and other health-care professionals to understand the the vital importance of spirituaity in the healing of trauma and shock. He developed spiritual and psychological methods to treat trauma and shock, and clarified when to use either or both.  The 2016  course includes a synopsis of the highly successful 2015 course of the same title, with an emphasis on techniques and approaches mentioned but not elaborated in the 2015 course. 

Dr. Emerson developed a unique and integrated system of spirituality that includes the major energy systems of the body like Kundalini, Chi, Polarity, and the Tides, and a process to uncover the soul,  where participants are supported in finding their “true selves” (the most fundamental and essential form of intimacy).

Participants will experience Spirit Pulsation and  Soul Finding, and guided through Egressions (spiritual regressions) to discover and resolve wounds from the most formative periods of development – from preconception through birth. When these egressive experiences are coordinated with spirit pulsation and soul finding, synchronicity and transformation tend to work spontaneously to bring about needed life changes and adapations. 

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