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Authentic Movement Training
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Authentic Movement Training:

(CPD) Continuing Professional Development
Two year trainings held at The Karuna Institute

Shantam David Zohar Co-founder and Director of the Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy Program at Tel Aviv's Bar Ilan University.
Cheryl Allen, Tutor at the Karuna Institute will be assisting on this training.

Six modules from November 2018 to August 2020

Seminar 1 : Sunday 18 to Friday 23 November 2018
Seminar 2 : Sunday 17 – Friday 22 February 2019
Seminar 3 : Sunday 28 July – Friday 2 August 2019
Seminar 4 : Sunday 6 – Friday 11 October 2019
Seminar 5 : Sunday 23 – Friday 28 February 2020
Seminar 6 : Sunday 26 July – Friday 31 July 2020

Deposit: £1,350 (required to secure your place) (non-refundable and non-transferable)


This two-year training is for you, if -
1. Professionally: you are a health-care provider of some kind who works with healing human suffering and/or increasing human potential. And,
2. Embodiment: you have a solid background in at least one body-based awareness practice.

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Course Description:

Authentic Movement Training

Authentic Movement is a relational embodiment practice designed to promote mental and emotional health, organic healing and sustainable growth. With origins in Jungian thought and Dance Movement Therapy, the form is broadly used to support clinical practice, artistic expression and transformational group work.
This training offers an in-depth, experiential exploration of the essential elements underlying mindful clinical work and conscious relational practice. Participants will learn to identify and trust subtle impulse, establish themselves in embodied inquiry and cultivate congruent linguistic representation of the sensual world.
Join Shantam Zohar and a dedicated group of practitioners at the Karuna Institute for a journey to unearth the wisdom of the body.


This training will allow participants to use the forms and depth principles of Authentic Movement, Mindful Awareness and Mindful Communication within their fields of expertise. Graduates will gain significant adequacy in body/mind integration and self-expression, subtle communication skills and the ability to further nourish kindness and compassion effectively in and outside of the clinical setting.


Shantam David Zohar is Co-founder and Director of the Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy Program at Tel Aviv's Bar Ilan University, where he teaches Authentic Movement and Mindful Communication. He is also founder and director of the (Israeli) two year Authentic Movement Training. Zohar is an award winning author and has studied and taught awareness practices for the past thirty years. His teachings draw from his own direct experience as meditator and practitioner of the form, and his academic background, including undergraduate studies at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, and graduate studies at the Karuna Institute in the UK. He has lectured and delivered workshops internationally, and works with institutions, groups and individuals.

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