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Continuum Flow Mentoring Programme
Continuum flow mentoring
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Continuum Flow Mentoring Programme


Cherionna Menzam Sills PhD, RSMT, RSME, RCST, BCST.
Continuum teacher, senior craniosacral biodynamic teacher, registered somatic movement therapist and educator, pre- and perinatal therapist.

Jane Okondo MA, RCST, RSMT, RSME, IBMT Dip.
Continuum teacher, registered somatic movement therapist and educator, biodynamic craniosacral therapist.


SEMINAR 6 - 17-22 April 2022 CANCELLED

SEMINAR 7 - 6-11 November 2022 **CANCELLED***


COST FOR SEMINAR 7 : £730, with a deposit of £150.

Karuna Institute - Natsworthy Manor.

Timings: The first session will start at 7.30pm on the first day.  The training ends at 12noon on the last day.

SEMINAR 6 CANCELLED - Begin Again: Birth, Beginnings, and Fluid Being: Awareness of Birth Psychology in Continuum
Birth is a new beginning as well as an ending. A letting go from being in a fluid environment in the womb. A coming into a new relationship with gravity. In Continuum we explore this cyclical process. An alchemical death, that cycles to coming into a new beginning.
At birth, we leave the fluid environment of the womb, like early animals beginning life on land. We carry our ocean within and as life in the ocean or womb completes we transition and being a new, our journey learning to move in gravity. We also shift from having our nourishment arrive umbilically through fluid, to arriving via breath or the digestive tract as we become a bit more separate from mother, no longer inside her, hopefully beside her. This shift opens us to our relationship with Mama Gaia, as we meet her more directly. We are still interconnected. Completing a cycle, we travel around this Oroborus of life.
In this five-day retreat, we explore how we meet this birth, death cycle, happening in every moment. Can we release this last moment and embrace the novelty of this one? We will address the importance of being able to metaphorically die, as well as how to witness and hold safely and joyously the little one that we were. We will use the breaths, sounding and mindful movement of Continuum to soften the inhibitors and density of tissues involved in birth, including the umbilical area, tongue, digestive tract, head, neck and spine. We will also discuss specific considerations important in teaching Continuum in relation to birth experience.

Seminar Overview:

1. Three Tissue Anatomies: Cultural, Primordial and Cosmic Anatomies
2. The Embryonic Field: Embryological Enfolding, Mitochondria and the Prenatal Psyche
3. Melting Beyond Trauma: Meeting Traumatic History Gracefully through Continuum
4. What Else? Entering into the New, Creative and Evolving through Continuum
5. Exploring Webs of Connection: Inter-being with Fluid Authenticity
6. Begin Again: Birth, Beginnings, and Fluid Being: Awareness of Birth Psychology in Continuum
7. The Breath of Life: Continuing the Continuum
8. Being In the Flow: Continuum into Words, Imagery and Movement

Course Information:

Continuum Flow is a series of seminars in a retreat setting for those experienced with Continuum and ready to dive deeper with this subtle fluidic practice. It is also designed to be part of a fuller mentorship programme for those drawn to teach Continuum to support you in being prepared to apply to become a member of the Continuum Teachers’ Association. The fuller mentorship programme includes individual mentoring sessions as well as smaller workshops to practice teach with feedback from peers and mentors. The retreats at Karuna provide an opportunity to deepen into Continuum, with each course including 2-3 days in silent enquiry process. These retreats are open to anyone who has had at least 5 days experience with Continuum teachers, and is ready to dive deeper. Continuum Flow has emerged from Cherionna and Jane coming together to teach the visionary somatic work of the late Emilie Conrad, founder of Continuum. Continuum is a subtle practice involving specific breaths, sounding, mindful awareness and gentle fluid movement. We slow down, relax and dissolve restrictive patterns in our tissues and nervous systems opening to new, more creative resilience and potential.

Learn more at: www.birthingyourlife.org

Why Five-Day Retreats?

The importance of these longer retreats is to enable spending extended periods of time in silent enquiry, where we can deepen under more habits and patterning, including that of time. Emilie Conrad enquired,

“If a system was not bound in time, would it be susceptible to the impact of the environment?”

This question is an important aspect of our Continuum enquiry. The effects of time patterning begin as early as birth, or even before. How do we listen to our own impulses, discover our own rhythms, when we need to rise to an alarm in the morning, eat at certain times, sleep at certain times, etc. Within the extended field of an “all nighter,” an extended silent dive, we can begin to explore what is beyond the constraints of time.

In each retreat we will enter silence once the sequences of breaths, sounding and movement have been learned and the group is adequately settled.
Each seminar has a different theme, designed to enhance awareness and understanding of the nuances of Continuum exploration in your practice. While the seminars are designed to support your deepening in this practice, it is not required to attend every one or to attend them sequentially. You will, however, receive a discount for pre-booking for the first four seminars.



Cherionna Menzam-Sills

Cherionna Menzam-Sills

A therapist since 1978, Cherionna worked intensively with founder of Continuum, Emilie Conrad, the final decade of Emilie’s life. Cherionna was authorized in 2007 by Emilie to teach Continuum and has been teaching frequently since then. Her passion for Prenatal and Birth Psychology led her to pursue a PhD in this field, where her dissertation addressed prenatal and birth themes in dance and movement. Inspired by her doctoral studies, she has taught embryology through movement since the 1990s, and was adjunct faculty for graduate students in Somatic Psychotherapy and Prenatal and Birth Psychology at Naropa University and the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. Trained and experienced as Occupational Therapist, Massage Therapist, Dance/Movement Psychotherapist, Bodymind Psychotherapist, and Prenatal and Birth therapist, her background includes intensive mindfulness meditation practices as well as extensive training with prenatal and birth therapy pioneers, William Emerson and Ray Castellino. Cherionna is a senior tutor at Karuna and has taught Craniosacral Biodynamics and Continuum across North America and Europe, often with her husband, Biodynamics pioneer, Franklyn Sills. She is also a published author, with her writings highly influenced by her time with Emilie and Continuum. Cherionna is committed in her life and work to embodied presence.
More on Cherionna and Continuum at www.birthingyourlife.org

Jane Okondo

Jane Okondo

Jane has been practicing in the field of somatic therapy since 1995. She is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist with ISMETA and a Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. Jane met Emilie Conrad in 2000 and began being mentored at this time. In 2007 Jane was Authorised by Emilie Conrad to teach this work and she became the first Continuum teacher in the UK. In 2014 Jane and Cherionna (who moved to the UK in 2010) began co-teaching Continuum retreats together and from here developed their mentoring programme, Continuum Flow.
Jane is on faculty for the Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy Diploma training which is based in UK, Russia and Lithuania. She is currently participating in the Circles of Four programme for the Discipline of Authentic Movement, which deeply informs her practice. Her focus of research has been on the connection between breath, somatic patterns and fluid body dynamics and how movement supports our access to resiliency and connection.
More on Jane and Continuum at: www.somaflow.co.uk