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Here are a short selection of books, articles, talks and films about Core Process Psychotherapy. We aim to add to this section from time to time.


Talks to download:

Maura Sills Gaia House Meditation Talks.

Renewing of the Mind - Meditation: As A Man Thinketh (42mins)

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Being, Self and Source (56mins)

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Challenge of Belonging (18mins)

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Coalescence (42mins)

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Coming Soon:

Embodied Presence (1hr 5mins)



Who Do You Think You Are? A thumbnail sketch of Core Process Psychotherapy.

By Judy Lown

From: Inside Out - IAHIP (Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy)

There is a very popular television series, shown on both Irish and UK television, called 'Who Do You Think You Are?' It's about family history. With the help of archivists and historians in a variety of countries, different celebrities trace back their roots over several generations. The results are often very moving for both the subject and the viewers as stories of personal and family tragedy, triumphs, courage and resilience are uncovered.

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The Heart of Core Process Psychotherapy - by Susan Groves

Core Process Psychotherapy (CPP) is a modality that is being progressively introduced in South Africa as therapists return to the country after completing their training in the UK. I am one such returned practitioner, with a practice in Cape Town, where a couple of my colleagues have recently joined me.


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Presence In Relationship: Offering Core Process Psychotherapy Paperback - Susan Groves
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (14 July 2016)
ISBN-10: 1535268549
ISBN-13: 978-1535268547

Susan Groves takes the respected form of Core Process Psychotherapy out of the therapy room and into everyday life. Always accessible to the reader, she suggests that Core Process can address the malaise in relationship which is so prevalent in the western world. Core process was an early pioneer of mindfulness practice, long before it became a widely accepted, mainstream psychological tool. Susan Groves is an experienced Core Process practitioner and her writing offers an unusually accessible insight into depth psychotherapy. There is a way in which Susan’s almost conversational, direct connection with the reader helps reveal the profundity of what Core Process Psychotherapy has to offer in an apparently simple way. She captures that ordinary/extraordinary quality of Core Process vividly and engagingly. Her verbatim pieces of client process are well chosen and help capture the spirit of the work where nothing much necessarily happens, but transformation can be taking place. Sean Maloney, senior practitioner in Core Process Psychotherapy and former trainer at the Karuna Institute I had the pleasure of editing this book which I found hugely interesting and thought-provoking. The conversational style employed is delightful, ensuring that the reader really ‘gets’ sometimes quite complex issues. I found the reflections particularly engaging, enabling the reader to really embrace the concepts and put them into practice. A journey is embarked on by the reader in this absolutely fabulous book. Editor’s comment Susan Groves has an MA in Core Process Psychotherapy from the Karuna Institute in England and now practices from her home in Cape Town, South Africa.


Films from our YouTube Channel

An introduction to Core Process Psychotherapy
Being and Becoming


Being and Becoming from Franklyn Sills MA, UKCP, RCST, BCST

Being and Becoming DVD set

In this unique 9 DVD series, Franklyn Sills, co-founder of the Karuna Institute, presents a series of talks and experiential / contemplative exercises. The main emphasis is an exploration of early personality development within the context of pre and perinatal psychology, the nature of the early relational field, basic infant neurobiology, the neurobiology of attunement and felt experience, object relations theory and Buddhist psychology. In these explorations, Franklyn integrates these somewhat vast terrirories into a cohesive paradign of the nature of being and selfhood.

Duration approx 12 hours, DVDs are produced in NTSC / Universal format.
Produced by Owl Productions

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Being and Becoming

Franklyn Sills' book "Being and Becoming" is an inquiry into the nature of being and selfhood. The book outlines an integrated paradigm with the aim of creating a comprehensive overview of the human condition – and to find ways to alleviate suffering. As we undertake an inquiry into the nature of suffering, we discover that the crux of the journey naturally orients us to the nature of the conditioned self and a search for deeper meaning. In essence, it brings us to the question, 'What does it mean to be?' This book initially inquires into the nature of being through the author's interpretations of Martin Heidegger and Buddhist, Taoist, and Christian concepts. In this endeavor, the book delves into the nature of being as an innate state of sentience and presence.

It throws light on the development of selfhood by weaving together concepts from object relations theories, pre- and perinatal psychology, and Buddhist self-psychology.Object relations help define the structure and nature of self-systems while Buddhist psychology describes the self's moment-to-moment cycling. The works of Fairbairn and Winnicott, along with insights from Daniel Stern, are discussed within the context of Lake's pre- and perinatal psychology and Buddhist concepts. Fairbairn's object relations is central to the discussion of selfhood as he maps out territories that are both straightforward and flexible to work with. Most importantly, his work is congruent with Buddhist self-psychology. "Being And Becoming" does not attempt to convey any of these thinkers' ideas in a pure sense, but interprets and integrates their concepts in order to form a more cohesive paradigm of being and selfhood. The whole of the journey is explored within the context of Buddhist self-psychology, which holds a process-view of self that truly brings psychodynamics into the present moment of experience.

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"The mindfulness/awareness practices that one can develop are personal but there is a 2,500 year old tradition of practice within Buddhism that can help, so you do not have to re-invent the wheel to develop the inner muscles of hearing, of receptivity with the whole body; (ways) to stay resourced, to stay centred, present… to be able to enter the present moment as fully as you can, or to know when you are not in it..."

Maura Sills, 'Inner Processes of the Practitioner and the Cultivation of Equanimity', Talk at the CSTA AGM, 2000

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