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Liminal Mind, Pre and Perinatal Experience and Spiritual Emergence
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Liminal Mind, Pre and Perinatal

Experience and Spiritual Emergence.


Continuing Professional Development –

5 day course


Tutor: Maura Sills

Dates: 4-9 July 2021

Venue: The Karuna Institute, Natsworthy Manor, Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ13 7TR

Cost:  £765   Deposit: £365, payable upon acceptance onto the course.

Application: To apply, please fill out the online application form HERE.

Course Description:

Description: The "Liminality of Mind" allows us to move between conditioned consensual reality and qualities of knowing beyond our individual constrictions.  This threshold and the relational field that holds the dual co-emergent natures of mind is sometimes called a "Bardo".  Our capacity to stay open in a place where the old and known drops away but the emergent or realised has not arisen is encouraged.  Supported relationally we might find the courage to go "beyond our limits" whilst still able to abide in witness consciousness.

The intention is to help participants feel more resourced, whole and protected, both within themselves and when with others. As such, time and space is given for cultivating personal wellbeing and resiliency through reflective exercises, mindfulness practices and enquiry into what supports and hinders our wellbeing. Participants often find that the course helps them to deepen into a state of presence and learn to bring this state of awareness into relationship.

We welcome people attending for various reasons including:

  • People potentially interested in training to be a Core Process Psychotherapist;
  • Existing therapists and complimentary health practitioners looking to learn new skills and gain CPD credits;
  • Those wanting to cultivate greater interpersonal skills;
  • Those interested in personal development (it is not necessary to want to be a therapist);
  • Mindfulness practitioners and people interested in exploring the link between psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

We welcome people from all spiritual traditions or none - it is certainly not necessary to be a Buddhist to do this course, or have any prior knowledge of Buddhism. We respect and encourage the diverse ways people can connect with personal forms of wellbeing such as through nature, animals, music, art, dance and movement.

This course offers 40 hours CPD.

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