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Our Values

Our Values

Karuna: Compassion

Karuna is a Sanskrit word that means compassion. This is understood to be a natural dimension of our
human condition and manifests through bringing a quality of awareness and presence to our experience.
In both everyday life and clinical work, the challenge is to cultivate a state of presence within which we
can rest so that this nourishes our perceptions of ourselves and others, facilitating an attitude
of non-judgement.



Mindfulness practice

In the work at Karuna, we have learned that awareness is inherently healing and the cultivation of
mindfulness in both therapeutic work and daily life is emphasised. In all our courses, the transformative
nature of mindfulness and open-heartedness is understood to be the essential starting point for healing
processes and growth. Wellbeing is seen at a core level to be a truly expansive state of presence,
compassion, joy and peace which can manifest within any aspect of our human condition,
including our suffering. 



Relationship as a vehicle for change

In all our Trainings at Karuna we have developed a unique practice for creating safe and optimum conditions for working therapeutically in relationship. This involves bringing attention to the multi-level nature of the relational field, and practising a depth of mindfulness within our embodied experience. It also involves cultivating heart qualities that resonate with the illimitable mind-states of equanimity, loving-kindness, compassion and sympathetic joy. Practised together this helps to create and maintain an empathetic holding field within which a depth of healing can occur.



Intentionality and ethical guidelines

We ask that all our Staff and trainees commit to the intention of non-harm. This forms one of the ground rules established by every group for working together. We understand that all work in relationship needs to be supported by recognised ethical codes of practice and community procedures for implementing such codes. You are welcome to see our respective Ethical Guidelines and Codes of Practice. These are congruent with the Codes of Practice of the accrediting bodies to which we subscribe.



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