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The Centre

The Centre

We have been located at Natsworthy Manor, a former manor house mentioned in the Doomsday Book, since 1991. The new custom-built seminar room is cutting edge in concept and design, creating a safe, stimulating environment for students. Natsworthy Manor is surrounded byprivate grounds and located in the heart of the Dartmoor National Park, one of Britain's most beautiful natural sites. The open and rugged splendour of the countryside and freely roaming ponies, sheep and cattle are all on our doorstep.


For more information, or to enquire further, please contact us on office@karuna-institute.co.uk


The Seminar Room
Seminar Room

"Actually the space itself has been more (influential) than we had imagined, and it has been a wonderful holding space... the students who come have been amazed by the stillness and the quality of the space itself, so we are very happy with it... the ambiance we were looking for was a space that could hold a quality of attention and stillness. We wanted it to feel like a meditation hall. A space where people can settle in, (a place) that could hold the stillness, that had a certain quality, that actually brought that out..."

Franklyn Sills



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