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William Emerson Workshop
William Emerson workshop at Karuna

William Emerson Workshop:

Birth-Pathway Presence: A Psychospiritual

Approach to Preventing and Healing



Tutor: William R. Emerson, Ph.D. assisted by Stephanie Hodgson and Cheryl Allen

Dates : 25-26 Sept, 9-10 Oct, 23-24 Oct 2021 (also two group tutorials with William on Thurs Sep 30th and Thurs 14 Oct, from 6.30-8.30pm (GMT)

Venue: ONLINE, via Zoom

Cost: £795, with a £400 deposit (deposit payable upon acceptance on the course).

To apply, please fill out the online application form HERE.

One of Dr. Emerson’s major legacies to pre- and peri-natal (PPN) psychology and the field of trauma treatment, was his discovery of the birth pathways.  This discovery enabled him to specifically treat birth trauma according to the stages in which they occur.  Furthermore, birth pathways allow infants to be treated for birth trauma before it develops into psychopathology and disease. 

This particular course is being offered at this time for an important and compelling reason, that is, the pandemic.  The latter phenomena is a cosmic signal for humanity to pay attention, a kind of divine hint that we need a drastic change of course.  And the pandemic is also a message that we are ready, able and prepared for this kind and degree of change.  This online offering is also a reflection of a deeper truth, that the pandemic is itself a symptom of PPN trauma at the deepest roots of PPN humanity, a time when our deepest roots of justice and cooperation vs. injustice and autocracy, and peacefulness vs. violence are formed and fueled.  It is also true that the pandemic triggers a multitude of PPN traumas and shocks, making it difficult to access our inner Home, the spiritual place that we derive from and return to.  Dealing with PPN wounding in a resourced way helps us to return to our spiritual roots. 

In the proposed Birth Pathway Presence (BPP) course, participants will attend 6 workshop days via Zoom, and do exercises and readings between Zoom classrooms to better understand what presence is, where the BPs are, and how presence can be provided to the pathways.   Participants will be asked to provide presence to their own birth pathways as well as ask spouses, partners, and/or friends to do the same, and to keep personal notes.   Participants will learn that each stage of birth has particular challenges and kinds of traumas and will be asked to journal their birth-stage experiences in an online and private (password protected) group stage-journal.  Experiences too personal or vulnerable to journal can be shared during our classroom discussions or shared privately with William or the assistants.  In taking this class, it is imperative to understand that Birth Pathway Presence is a psychospiritual process that includes many of the benefits of modern meditation as well as the mysticism of ancient arts and practices.  So, there are things to be discovered and mystified by along the way.  Some BPP explorers have experienced their journeys as spiritual rebirthings or awakenings, and discovered a surprising ability to leave old patterns behind.  Others encounter lessons in personal power and unconditional love.  Still others receive messages from inner places of wisdom.  For example, one recent participant had a recurring inner voice that said, “Chop Wood, Pour Water”, along with visions of himself and others doing just that.  He was deeply touched by the simplicity and harmony of doing simple things together with others that did not require bosses and supervisors, and created a harmony and peace amongst all.   He came to understand something that we all need to understand and know in our own way, and some truths that may be discovered during the sojourn of our birth course.

Course Description:

By bringing presence to the birth pathways (the process is called BPP or Birth Pathway Presence), traumatic birth memories are gently rekindled so they can be processed at a nonverbal realm where they developed in the first place.  In other words, as Jungian Dora Kalff discovered, “…nonverbal traumas need not be made conscious in order to heal”.  This parallels my own discovery, that PPN traumas can and need to be healed at a nonverbal and “felt-sense” level of somatic verbosity.  Think on that seeming paradox for a moment. The body talks all the time if we just listen.  Symptoms are just one of its many languages. 

When babies’ birth pathways (singularly signified as a BPa, or plurally as BPa’s) are identified during infancy, this prevents the negative impacts of birth trauma that would have otherwise developed during childhood and adulthood.  So, babies who nearly die during Stage 3 of birth, avoid the experience of near-death during the normal challenges of life like a minor car accident.  But the significant benefit of the birth pathways is that they provide a vehicle for identifying, accessing, and processing birth traumas during infancy and childhood, before they develop into pathological problems.  And for adults who are typically well-defended, the BPs allow access to memories and spiritual discoveries that are otherwise relatively unavailable.


Dr. Emerson developed a unique and integrated system of spirituality that includes the major energy systems of the body like Kundalini, Chi, Polarity, and the Tides, and a process to uncover the soul,  where participants are supported in finding their “true selves” (the most fundamental and essential form of intimacy).

Participants will experience Spirit Pulsation and  Soul Finding, and guided through Egressions (spiritual regressions) to discover and resolve wounds from the most formative periods of development – from preconception through birth. When these egressive experiences are coordinated with spirit pulsation and soul finding, synchronicity and transformation tend to work spontaneously to bring about needed life changes and adapations. 


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